Advertising French Properties At A New High

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The global recession saw real estate asset prices plummeting in most Western countries due to the after effects of the subprime crisis and due to improper financial prudence exercised by lending institutions in some of these countries. France was one of the very few European countries that did not go through a financial crisis due to better management of its banks. Countries like China and India were the other two Asian giants which did not suffer much by way of GDP growth and India specifically displayed great Central bank leadership in coming out with timely policy changes on lending norms. This led to the efficient control of loan disbursements and there was no real estate bubble that burst like it did in the US and UK.

French property prices have managed to hold their own and all predictions of a big fall have proved to be mere speculation and not based on hard facts. This has meant that some investors who took the initiative of buying real estate in the last couple of years have put their money into the right asset class and utilized their surplus funds well while those who were waiting for a dramatic fall to enter the market have had to wait. They have thus experienced an opportunity loss and with things looking up globally, would be keen to make their investments now. This stability has already led to a lot of advertising for French properties by those who possess houses, villas, castles and farm lands. They are aware that there is significant interest that has been generated about France being a stable economy and the fact that investors would not like to miss this opportunity of parking their funds here. Others who had taken advantage of the slight drop in prices over the last two years and invested in property are also now looking to either rent them out or looking for potential buyers in order to clock some capital gains.

France has had the advantage of stable prices for a long time now. The volatility is pretty low and people investing in advertised French properties for sale do not look at huge capital gains as their objective. They would rather make money by way of rental income and hold on to their property to get the advantage of normal appreciation over a period of time. This dual advantage of rental gain as well as capital appreciation is possible in France due to its high tourist inflows and the fact that the country is seen as a viable investment destination by foreign investors flush with funds. The only blip was seen in the years 1999 to 2005 when prices softened and all those who were prompt enough to seize the opportunity of investing in advertised French properties at that time are now reaping the benefits of that action as prices have stabilised and there is a lot of interest being shown by genuine investors in French property.

One significant reason for this low volatility in French property prices can be attributed to the lower inflation indices in France as compared to UK, US and Spain which actually fuelled the real estate bubble and led to its ultimate downfall.
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Advertising French Properties At A New High

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This article was published on 2010/11/30